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Scuba Refresher Courses

PADI ReActivate

Feeling a little rusty? Haven?t been diving lately and want a quick scuba refresher?

The PADI ReActivate program is the perfect way to update your skills and knowledge before jumping back into the water. Whether you want just a few reminders or need to go over the basics, ReActivate is personalized for you. You conveniently review scuba concepts on your tablet, mobile device or computer, then go diving with us.

Check our schedule on the Events & Classes Page then Contact us to register and get started now. It?s quick and easy, and a good way to prepare for your next PADI course or get ready for a diving vacation. This course is available for all certifications. PADI divers who complete both the theory and in-water skill refresher receive a replacement certification card indicating a ReActivate date. All others receive a ReActivate Recognition Card that confirms the date you completed both theory and in-water skills.

You are welcome to bring any personal gear in good working order. If you don't own or aren't sure of the condition, just use our gear for this session and plan ahead for your upcoming trip.

The program is $169 including online academics, in-water skill session, use of all required equipment and new card. All are welcome to ReActivate before your next dive!

Pool Skill Review

Sometimes you need to get you and your scuba gear wet. We offer a skill review, in the pool, without any academics. This is great for experienced divers who haven't been diving in a while and just want to practice a few skills.  All gear needed is supplied.

Since there is no documentation, this is basically for your own peace of mind. $89